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Dr. Michelle Reinken

Title IX Office
Director of Title IX Compliance/Title IX Coordinator
Cato Hall Suite 132

Dr. Michelle Reinken has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education with a concentration in Leadership for Higher Education. She completed her dissertation focusing on Title IX and Title VII litigation within higher education. Dr. Reinken also has also been awarded a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology as well as a Master of Arts in Higher Education with a concentration in Student Affairs Administration. Dr. Reinken began her career in student affairs while serving as a Residence Director at Westminster College in Pennsylvania. She was recruited to serve as the Assistant Director for Residential Education and Services and then was named the Assistant Director for Judicial Affairs and Title IX Officer at Concordia University in Irvine, California. Dr. Reinken additionally served as a Residential Life Coordinator at the University of California, Irvine prior to joining the Niner Nation. Dr. Reinken joined UNC Charlotte as the Associate Director of Student Conduct in the Dean of Students Office in January of 2016 and currently serves as the university's Director of Title IX Compliance/Title IX Coordinator within the Division of Institutional Integrity.